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Our Mission

Turning Point Church of Galveston exists to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ namely to "seek and to save" those who are far from God and to create a space on Galveston Island where belivers of all backgrounds  can fulfill their God-given purpose.

Our Vision

Our vision for both our church and city is spread the love God has for Galveston across the Island. To help the hurting and hungry, to reach for people of all backgrounds, to create a culture on Galveston Island that relfects Jesus Christ. We really believe that God Loves Galveston and we want to show that we love Galveston like He loves Galveston.

Our Method

We will fulfill our mission and vision by providing exciting and engaging opportunities for Galvestonians to EXPERIENCE the power of God in a real and tangible way and by creating a culture that EMPOWERS and EQUIPS christians of all ages and backgrounds  to become active in EVANGILISM.



At Turning Point we belive that just one Experience with God can change your life for ever and the the christian journey is one where new experiences in Christ are available every day. It is our promise to you that you will feel the presence of God around you as you experience our services and special events. We are Spirit filled church that believes that the New Testament scripture experience is available for today.



At Turning Point Church we believe that every person has a unique and God given purpose. We empower individuals to discover and fulfill their purpose by encouraging and supporting all members to discover their purpose by providing a fun and engaging Connect Group community where you can connect with belivers with common interests and by providing avenues for members to volunteer. 



Through dynamic and informative teaching Turning Point Church equips all members to fulfill their unique and God-given purpose. Turning Point provides resources and specialized training to help individuals who desire to grow in leadership and service. At Turning Point we believe in you and want to help you on your journey to fulfill your purpose.


We believe that it part of the purpose of all christians to be active in evangilism. It is our vision to reach all of Galveston with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At Turning Point we encourage members to reach their neighbors through their personal talents and purpose, whether it is baking cookies, music or leading a Connect Group we belive that everyone has a role to play in showing our island how much God Loves Galveston.

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